Economic Development District

*(the term “Economic Development District” this is a Federal designation, only three Councils Of Government’s in Arizona carry this designation)

SEAGO was designated as an Economic Development District (EDD) in 1991. In this capacity your SEAGO EDD strives to provide long-range, regional planning among all SEAGO’s member entities and those within the EDD region. These activities include  business attraction, job creation, regional promotion as well as business retention.

The SEAGO EDD is driven by the goals and objectives established by member entities, thus the SEAGO EDD Program reaches out to all member entities and those who reside in the region or are considering relocation to the region.  Your SEAGO EDD provides economic development planning, policy making and implementation opportunities through a variety of projects, summits, training and other reliable resources.

Ours is a team effort, so we encourage involvement, participation and feedback


Tourism is an important component of any serious economic development plan. Our outreach includes working with Chambers of Commerce, Tourism groups and special event coordinators.

SEAGO has published a map to promote travel in Southeastern Arizona and Northern Sonora. Please view our interactive preview of the map. A map can be ordered or picked up from any visitor’s center located in Cochise, Graham, Greenlee or Santa Cruz counties. Contact Akos Kovach at SEAGO at 520-432-2622 ext. 210 for a copy.

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Southeastern Arizona's Economic Development District